¿Sabías que hoy es el Día Internacional del Yoga?

Sin duda, más que una disciplina, el yoga está considerado como una filosofía de vida para alcanzar el equilibrio entre cuerpo y mente.

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Yoga Girl

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This has been an amazing day. Absolutely amazing. (as long as I don’t think about Dennis and Little Moon too much). . Today was completely uneventful and absolutely extraordinary all at the same time. I slept 9 hours. All the way through. Woke up at sunrise and had – get this – a TWO HOUR YOGA PRACTICE. Say whaaaat?! I haven’t been on the mat without interruption or a time limit in forever. I did all my @naprapatjonas and @lara.heimann homework AND my home practice AND self massage AND meditated. Normally I choose one of all of those things and squeeze it in between meetings with an eye on the baby monitor. Today, it was just me. All by me lonesome. So yummy. Then, the slowest breakfast. And I mean the slooooowest. I like to eat breakfast the way Lea Luna feeds her lunch to the dogs; little bits at a time and then all at once. I’ll have a cup of tea when I wake up, then a juice, then a break, and then a piece of toast and suddenly, a feast. Yoghurt granola pancakes tofu scramble oatmeal, I want it all. (I may be the reason Brunch was ever invented). Breakfast should last all day! After my super meal I unpacked all my luggage. Wrote a to-do list for later to clear my head. Lounged by the pool. Swam. Read a book (for fun! Not for learning!). (A Marian Keyes one). A sharing. A nap. I’ve done nothing but it’s been everything. I just walked the dogs and stopped for a handstand break at our secret spot. Now, heading to yoga practice at the studio and then dinner in the studio garden. And before bed… I MAY DRAW A BATH. Holy shit man. I can’t believe I had literal anxiety about being on my own when it’s full on heaven! (again, can’t think of baby. But still)! Who knew I would turn out to be a pretty epic person to hang out with?? Hm. I might just have to do this more often…??‍♀️?❤️ PS @dennisfromsalad I love you so forking much❤️ #ProjectAloneTime #aloneness #rest #restore #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #handstand #ocean #beach #joy #sky #inversion #strength #trust #universe #GRATITUDE

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Patrick Beach

Yoga Beyond

Kino Yoga

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I struggle with self-love. I beat myself about things all the time, small things and big ones too, stuff that happened recently and other crap way back in the past. I know it’s not my fault, none of it is. We can’t help but stumble and fall, we are human, and that is part of what it means to be human. And yet, there’s a fine line between letting yourself off the hook too easily and flogging yourself repetitively so that you end up paying for the same mistake over and over again, long after you’ve learned the lesson. _ For awhile I couldn’t even understand what it meant to love myself. I felt like it was some narcissistic self-help scheme designed to give us all a free pass over things we needed to face. And while it is true that people can sometimes use spiritual talk to gloss right over some difficult issues, it is also true that it doesn’t serve anyone or anything to be so hard and punitive on yourself that wind up crippled under a mountain of doubt and despair. I’ve had people tell me that their conscience was clear about simply because they mediated about a situation. It was infuriating to see the tool of mindfulness used as some sort of artificial wall of self-protection. While we do need to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made in the past, that doesn’t mean we have free license to disregard the lived experience of someone who shares an inconvenient truth, especially if that truth comes from a non-dominant culture and you sit in a position of privilege. _ But really it all comes back to ourselves. We can only truly give to others what we have given to ourselves. It works both in the positive and the negative. If you abuse yourself you will let another people abuse you. If you love yourself you will not settle for anything less than love from other people. If you are able to open your heart to your own pain, faults and imperfections, without trying to solve, fix or make them go away, if you can just be with all yourself in a warm deep loving embrace, then maybe you can share that space with someone else. Maybe the entire balance of our lives hangs in a single act of kindness, and maybe that act of kindness has to start with ourselves. ?

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Laura Sykora